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In my various travels and other experiences, I have found that the word "peace" is usual an empty term.  Trying to sleep in places advertised as peaceful can be especially frustrating, expensive and disappointing when they have turned out to be quite the opposite of my expectations.

If you spend a great deal of your time somewhere noisy, how much value do you place on quietness?  Would you like to be able to live more quietly, even on a temporary basis?

How do you cope with other people's perceptions of peace and noise, especially when those perceptions do not match your own?  Should we try to tolerate noise or should we encourage a wider cultural desire for quieter living?

The broadcasting media, sound recording industry, motor vehicle industry, and ignorant approaches to urban development, may be partly to blame for the decibels we are forced to endure. Even noises we learn to ignore may diminish our enjoyment of life - and even our health. 

Reflecting on the past can be one way to enjoy more peace, especially inner peace.  It all depends on how we relate to history, and the future.  Do you see the past as separate from the present and the future, or as an ongoing aspect of your life?

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