07 February 2018

Compatible Ethics and Aesthetics

The moral and sensory aspects of existence tend to be intertwined.  For anyone seeking a calm, quiet existence, finding people with compatible ethics and aesthetics could be necessary.

A seemingly calm neighbourhood is not necessarily the same as a truly calm one.  For example, my need for quiet has often been intruded upon by dogs barking, noisy motorbikes, squealing little girls, lawn cutting equipment, the selfish thrashing of percussive instruments and the seemingly incessant demolition and rebuilding of nearby houses. 

When I seek peace elsewhere, that desire is often ruined by barking dogs, loud children, noisy vehicles, drunk adults and unpleasant music.  Similarly, artificial smells tend to intrude upon my desire for calmness.  I am quickly exhausted by unnecessarily scented products, places and people.

My mind is usually active enough and often over active.  The company of my thoughts is usually all I need.  I love quietly researching and quietly writing. 

I often have no need to leave the house, except to escape neighbourhood noisiness and other intrusions.  For ample discussion, I have the mealtime companionship of a gentle, intelligent husband. 

There is certainly pressure to conform to the desires of noisier people. Why they seek out my companionship is beyond my comprehension.  There must be people as noisy as themselves to meet.

I have ample visual stimulation from books, computer screens, the rooms in which I live, the garden and the sky. 

I have ample aural stimulation from bird sounds, the rustle of a breeze through the trees, the noise of the fridge, microwave and washing machine, the sound of my fingers on the keyboard and mouse, and the sizzling and bubbling of cooking.

I have ample sensory stimulation, too, from the smell and taste of a cup of tea, some delicious food, and the feel of comfortable clothes next to my skin in a pleasantly warm room or garden.  Depending on which way the wind is blowing, the garden sometimes has too much noise and smell from nearby traffic.

Where is a place more peaceful than here?  If there is such a place, is it affordable?  Who are the people maintaining its peace?  How is that peace maintained?

This has been my home for my entire, married life.  I first came here almost thirty years ago.  The house had already, for several years, been home to the man I married.  Our ethics are remarkably compatible though our aesthetic sense is not quite the same, especially visually.

We both know how to live comfortably on a modest budget.  We have always lived well within our means.  We are certainly not wasteful or extravagant.

I am a slightly more cautious person than my husband.  I prefer a very private existence, both inside the house and in the garden.  He likes being out and about more, chatting to intelligent people elsewhere.  He is not a writer.

You may know about my plan to create a calm, quiet higher education campus for mature adults.  First, I need to locate people with compatible ethics and aesthetics.  They will be expected to participate in research and be active in the development of the project, including its planning, building and maintenance.

The campus will also be a retreat from the noisy world of over-stimulation and confusion.  Conversation will take place in designated areas, as will telecommunication.  Most of the campus will be relatively silent and therefore truly peaceful.

If your ethics and aesthetics are possibly compatible, you may be interested in participating.

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