15 January 2018

Peacefully Healthy Prosperity

One of my ongoing independent studies relates to the words peace and fairness.  I find it of great interest that such words do not attract much attention.  They are words with nothing ominous about them.  They are not threatening.

Fairness is associated with justice.  Even the word justice is ignored more than the words injustice and unfairness.

The reason probably has something to do with the fact that peace and fairness are ends in themselves.  But how are peace and fairness to be achieved if not through peacefully healthy action?

Can peace and fairness be achieved through peacefully healthy economic action?

Peacefully healthy prosperity derives through peacefully healthy economic activity, by individuals, through households, businesses, governments and all sorts of groups and institutions.

What affects your health detrimentally and how can you turn the consequential problems into an economically viable, ethical pursuit?

The health problems of other people can affect our own health detrimentally, especially our mental health.

Our own physical health problems can also affect our mental health detrimentally, especially when other people ignore our needs or treat them as trivial.

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