08 January 2018

No Debts or Other Indignities

All debt involves obligations, but is most debt a fair obligation?

Living without dependents and debts is necessary for a life of considerable freedom.  A dependent is a debt.  A pet is a debt.  Credit is a debt.  Any loan is a debt.  Noise is a debt.

Peace is the amount owed.  Repaying it supplies a dignified existence.

Are most people today living in debt bondage, just like the serfs of earlier centuries?

Paying for goods and services already supplied then cancels a debt.  But is the full price paid fairly?

Who pays the price of pollution?  Who pays the price of environmental degradation?  Who pays the price of overcrowding?  Who pays the price of wastefulness?  Who pays the price of corruption?  And when?  And how?

Do you live a debt-free, dignified existence?  If so, how did you achieve it?

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