17 January 2018

A Peaceful Code of Conduct

Any social relationship, social group or community requires a peaceful code of conduct, whether spoken or unspoken.  Interpreting the code can sometimes be difficult for someone unwilling or unable to conform to it.

Excluding people from belonging tends to occur when they breach a code of conduct.

My personal code of conduct includes:

1. Searching for meaning

2. Taking regular excursions to Scientia

3. Maintaining my no fly zone

4. Enjoying objectivity

5. Harmony, love and learning

6. Following a healthy way to live

7. Seeking to understand uncertainty, rejection and art

8. Being comfortable with knowledge

9. Growing older in Australia

10. Acquiring public knowledge

I prefer spending time with mature adults with mature emotions.  Those are usually the people who respect my code of conduct, and possibly even follow it themselves.

How does my code of conduct differ from your own?

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