04 December 2017

Intentionally Peaceful Communities

The desire to be peaceful can often come into conflict with other people's desires and expectations, even in intentionally peaceful communities.  There can be simmering resentments about intrusiveness anywhere.

No matter where people are, and who they are, no two people perceive situations similarly.  The senses are not always accurate.  Memories play tricks. 

People notice different things, depending on what they find interesting or annoying.  Minds are engrossed or distracted or bored or tired or unconscious.

Most lives are not lived particularly intentionally.  Anything intentional involves considerable freedom.

What is your understanding of intentional living?

What is your understanding of intentional community?

Do you have much experience of either or both?

For many years, I have tried to live an intentionally quiet life.  For me, research is a way of life.  I love discovering facts serendipitously and learning about my own ignorance in the process!

Quieter living may, to many people, be perceived as an alternative lifestyle in relation to the noisy confusion of the rat race, but cultural practices often defined as "alternative" lifestyles do not appeal to me, or to my husband.  We have always been very clear about what we like and what we don't like.  Fortunately, our likes and dislikes often coincide.

Throughout our married life, we have tried to live as though we have a low income.  That way, we have been able to save for the future while also putting aside funds for our travels and other research projects.  We have also been able to pay the regular and irregular bills when they have been due.  Quieter living has made that possible, along with disciplined frugality and a regular, average sort of income by Australian standards. 

I am clear about my own interpretation of the meaning of life: It is not to spend too much time thinking about the meaning of life.  I prefer thinking about history and human behaviour, especially human political behaviour.  My purpose is to attempt to understand the perplexing complexities of existence whilst simultaneously simplifying them.

Have you succeeded in living reasonably comfortably away from the rat race?

Over recent years, I have written quite a few blog posts about motivations and intentions:

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Intentionally peaceful communities can develop successfully when they consist of multi-skilled, deeply committed, respectfully affectionate, interconnected affinity groups.  The community needs to be economically viable, environmentally sustainable and clear about its aims and objectives, before its members commit themselves financially, socially and technically to the challenges ahead.

Is it possible to develop intentionally peaceful communities in urban areas?

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