14 August 2017

Peaceful Friendships

There are several important questions to be answered today, or tomorrow, or whenever you have the time to reflect upon important questions:

1. Do you believe a good friendship is like a peace of chocolate?

2. Do you believe the search for a good friendship is like going in search of a quiet garden?

3. Have you experienced a peaceful friendship during a comfortable search for peace?

4. Are peaceful friendships about returning to reflections?

5. What are the qualities of the peaceful friendships you have experienced?

6/ Do all good friendships provide peace and security?

7. Do your renewed friendships include reflections on restorations?

8. Are your peaceful friendships shaped by science and knowledge?

9. Is a peaceful friend usually a dear visitor?

10. Is a peaceful friend usually a human or can another species be a peaceful friend?

11. Is a work of art or literature or music a peaceful friend to you?

12. Can peaceful friendships take place mainly through the Internet, perhaps even in Virtual Via Nation?

13. Do peaceful friendships really only exist in the real world?

14. Do peaceful friendships provide a healthy balance to happy and normal seclusion?

15. Are peaceful friendships mainly experienced in the name of comfort?

16. Are peaceful friendships continual journeys?

17. Have you ever found peaceful friendships during a genealogical look around?

18. Have you ever found peaceful friendships through peaceful enterprises and lovely surprises?

Once you have answered the questions, can you prove you are a peaceful friend?

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