11 May 2015

Benefits of Broadcast-Free Living

For several years now, I have chosen not to watch television or listen to radios.  Everything I want to find, as well as many pleasant surprises, can be found online.

Even online, I keep the sound switched to mute unless I choose to listen to something in particular.  The brightness of the screens I use has been turned down, too.  I have therefore attempted to reduce the blaring and glaring in my life.

Now, when I am confronted with the garishness and loudness of so many broadcasts, I immediately wish to escape them.  I refuse to purchase anything from a shop or eatery if the noise from loudspeakers there is too aggressive.  Either there is widespread deafness in society or an unfortunate insensitivity.

Meeting my needs in a calm, quietness environment is often difficult to achieve.  Most people appear to be unaware of the benefits of broadcast-free living. 

I often like to imagine I can find a space within my mind as vast as the Mundi Mundi Plains, especially on a Monday.

How do you make the space for your mind to think for itself? 

Do you live without television, without radios and without broadcasts of any sort?

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