01 May 2014

The Environment Industry

The "environment" is a very broad category of activity, which suits my various open-minded pursuits.

Do you equate a better environment with better quality of life?

Does a better environment also include greater respect for health, relaxation and the pursuit of peace?

What does "industry" mean to you?  Does it usually mean polluting factories, noisy environments, meaningless jobs and low wages?

I am not quite sure what is meant by "environment" or "industry" in the Blogger profile categories, but for a while I placed my category of work in the "environment" category of the "industry" section on my Blogger profile page.

In Australia, there are statistics available on something described as "the environment management services industry".   Unfortunately, as with many things to do with science, health, industry and the environment, the information is written in language I find incomprehensible.

As a social entrepreneur, I am mainly involved in making the important-but-incomprehensible into something more easily understood by the general public.  Are you doing the same?

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