30 April 2014

A Quiet Respect for Great Opera Singers

I am very glad I am not a professional musician, especially as I prefer to have quiet evenings at home.  If you are a musician, how much time do you usually spend at home, and how much do you appreciate quietness?

Whether you sing or play an instrument in a group or as a soloist, with a microphone or without, and whatever your variety of sound, you may not want to have many quiet evenings if music is your main livelihood.  I rarely choose to listen to live performances, or to recordings nowadays, though I try to support musical excellence through my writings.

Unfortunately, other people's musical preferences intrude upon my life quite frequently.  It is through times of silence that I can truly appreciate beautiful or dramatic sounds.

How do you compare sensory experiences?  Perhaps you have never listened to any of the greatest opera singers, or attempted to compare one voice with another.  How would your singing voice sound in a large auditorium with an orchestra and no microphone?

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