20 January 2013

Science and Knowledge

Do you think of science as a quiet topic or as something quite noisy?

When I was at school, science always seemed to be very boring from my point of view. It did not appear to me to be a particularly friendly or peaceful topic, especially when taught in a way that did not build on my natural inquisitiveness and aesthetic sense of wonder

Perhaps I needed something more relevant and pleasant than the rote learning of theory, the cutting up of small creatures, and the mixing of strange chemicals.  One of the ways in which science has become more interesting to me in recent years is through learning about the history of science. I enjoy discovering the ways that knowledge has developed in the minds of individuals through time.  It is why I like exploring history.

A quiet discovery is much more pleasant than loud noises, strange smells and the visual appearance of internal organs.  I now take frequent excursions to Scientia* as that is where I am sometimes able to overcome my own ignorance.

Science gives us signposts yet we have to choose a destination for ourselves.

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