22 December 2012

Peace, Privacy and Security

For peace of mind, I have decided to restrict access to my other three blogs.  Thoughtful readers are usually those familiar with Quieter Living, and I really only write for the benefit of thoughtful people.

I consider myself to be a private person even though I have frequently published my various writings, under a variety of pen names.  Setting the boundaries of the public and private aspects of my life has been very important to me.  

Private information is often closely associated with our emotions, and with our economic and physical security.  This especially applies when we travel or move residence, whether by choice or obligation.  Such topics have been explored on my Continual Journeys blog.

Identity is something we all need to respect and protect in this digital age, especially with so many passwords to remember.  I have explored the topic of identity quite extensively on my By Any Other Name blog.  Even before beginning to write publicly about my family history, on my Ancestors Within blog, I felt a certain apprehension.

Various commercial and non-commercial interactions can be quite exclusive but also somewhat communal.  What do you believe it means to be a private person?  What sorts of actions do you consider to be intrusive?  How do you express a need for privacy?  Perhaps you even think it is an invasion of your privacy to be asked these sorts of questions.

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