04 December 2012

Knowledge, Authenticity and Creativity

Recently I mentioned, on my Ancestors Within blog, that my By Any Other Name blog is now less accessible.  If you click on a link to a blog post in By Any Other Name, you may therefore receive a message saying you have not (yet) been invited to read it.  If you would you like to have continued access to that blog, you may like to send me an email request.

If you have already explored By Any Other Name, you will know that it is about identity, knowledge, self-knowledge, authenticity, creativity and courtesy.   If you ever reflect upon such topics, are there any books you have found to be helpful references?

On my Continual Journeys blog, I have recently written about social entrepreneurial publishing.  I have often written about writing, both there and here.  Are you a writer or publisher at all?  Are you a retailer of books?  Are you an editor or simply a seeker of truth?

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