11 June 2012

Meaningfulness in Relationships

If you have ever wondered about the meaning of life, you may also have wondered about the meaning of your relationships with other people.  Which of your relationships are most meaningful to you, and why?  What is a meaningful relationship?  How many meaningful relationships is it possible to maintain in a meaningful way?

Meaningfulness may have something to do with attachment to times, places, experiences, emotions, histories and cultures.  Does the above picture have any meaning to you?  If it does, its meaning for you may be different than its meaning for me.

In your relationship with people, do you know if you share the same or similar meaningfulness?

1 comment:

  1. A relationship is interaction ,if it is not commerce ,it is long lasting and meaningful.Invariably it is not selfless , may be we have relationships as most of us are conformist and when relationships get old ,and expectations are not fully met ,degeneration starts.If we are selfless ,our love does not alter when alteration it finds ,the relationship is permanent ,everlasting and a bliss.