22 April 2012

Mysteries and Meanings

Mysteries can often agitate our minds and make us feel miserable.  Very few people are able to cope well with the unknown!  How do you respond to the uncertainties and doubts of life, with feelings of strangeness and ignorance, and with an overwhelming sense of the immensity of the universe?

Have you ever thought it worthwhile to search for meaning?  Do you believe love to be one of the greatest mysteries in the universe?

Can solving mysteries lead to a better way of life?

1 comment:

  1. love is not a mystery , the only mystery which will remain unsolved is 'death'and where does one go after death.That is God's trump card.
    Love is creating problems in society for the simple reason : there is no unconditional love in the world , which is pure /true love.Only God gives His unconditional love to all of us.All breaks in relationships including marriages occur due to three reasons : who controls /activates decision making processes in family , in-laws interference and incompatibility in physical relations.Love is a problem for it is 'possessive' love and not 'sacrificial' love