04 March 2012

One Idea an Hour

If an idea is worth thinking about, it is worth devoting some time towards.

If you could devote an hour to an important topic today, which one would you choose?

If you could devote eight hours a day towards thinking, which eight topics would you choose?

1 comment:

  1. 1.Old age homes are no solution for the senior citizens ; they are deprived of their main treasure ie 'old memories'of their contribution to society.
    2.Why humanity has to live with inter-religion and intra-religion violence?Religions were devised for harmony in life as a mark of civilisation ;but have failed to achieve the goal.Let us emphasise more on what is common among all religions in the world ie 'behaviour'part of religions and curtail the importance of rituals/mythology/belief part of religions.
    3.Marriage and family as institutions of society are breaking up a negative aspect and status /identity of women in society is growing all over the world- a positive aspect ; but at a huge social cost of 'broken homes' a bane for the growth of children.The relationships are crumbling as 'economics' is the catchword and more important than anything else.How we can improve the dwindling synergy of family life , married life ,old traditions of joint families et al.
    4.The goal is happiness in humanity and not the supremacy of our methodolgy : Islam Vs Christianity , Capitalism Vs Chinese/amended communism in Russia. If only we all could believe in serving the down-trodden and not in increasing the numbers who believe in our way of thinking.