08 August 2011

A Debt-Free Life

How easy is it for an "average" person, in any society, to have a debt-free life?

It is possible to live without debts, whether of the economic or social varieties, but it takes some luck, as well as some intelligence, for an "average" person to do so. Yet luck and intelligence can be enhanced, with the help of a little experienced guidance.

Should a worthy financial advisor always be a person who manages to live a debt-free life?

If you have a financial advisor, have you asked that person if he or she has a debt-free life?  If you are a financial advisor in that position, I would especially welcome your comments here.

PS. I have a debt-free life as an "average" person, and I have usually ignored the advice of financial advisors, most of whom appear to manage money and other resources (whether their own or belonging to others) rather less successfully than I do.

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