19 April 2011

Perfecting the Past

Thinking about the past often enriches my experience of the present, though I do not think of myself as an especially sentimental or nostalgic sort of person.

Thinking about the past has helped me to select the way of life I wish to lead in the present.  It has given me more choices than I would otherwise have known.

Thinking about the past is not the same as imagining that we are living in the past.  I certainly live in the present, and I prepare for the future.  I try to perfect my understanding of the past, rather than create in my mind an idyllic past time and place that never really existed, and cannot be recreated.

My profile may give you some indication of how I think about the past.  I collect information about the past, and I enjoy experiencing various interpretations of the past.  I have also collected all sorts of bits and pieces to remind me of the past, many of which would be of no value whatsoever to anyone other than me.

Are you a sentimental or nostalgic sort of person, or do you enjoy trying to perfect your understanding of the past?

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