25 March 2011

Altruistic Truisms

One of the most important aspects of life is to know when the needs of another are greater than our own.  How do you know when you have enough of something and whether you have a surplus?

To give away what we actually need seems a bit silly to me.  It is not selfish to meet our own needs.  If we did not do that, we would have nothing left to give to others.  It might even mean that we are taken "into care" as being incapable of looking after ourselves properly.

I have been exploring the topics of trust and benevolence through two of my other blogs today, Continual Journeys and By Any Other Name.

It is easier to have a quieter life when the people we encounter are worthy of trust and show benevolence towards us.  Perhaps it also makes it easier for us to express altruism through our own lives - particularly towards strangers.

Wikipedia article - Altruism

But how can we be truly altruistic if we do not know if we are believed to be worthy of the trust of others, and whether we are perceived by them as being benevolent?

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