07 February 2011

Simple Sanitation

For those of us who know something about the importance of sanitation, it can often come as a surprise that many people in the world, in the present as well as the past, have had very little awareness of its impact on human health.

Providing people with free access to good sanitation can be a waste of time and money, especially if it is not matched by access to information about how human waste causes illness.

Raising awareness of the benefits of hygiene and good sanitation can encourage people to eat an approriate diet, to look after their heath, and to take responsibility for preventing their behaviour from causing illness to others.

Here are a few links you may find interesting:

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I wrote on this subject a while ago on my Continual Journeys blog:

Many new beginnings

Although I have not been affected personally by the recent floods and bushfires in Australia, there is no reason to believe that I will be so fortunate in the future.  Even living in a reasonably comfortable house at present does not make me immune to the need for good sanitation, though I avoid using most commercial cleaning products, many of which may in fact be quite toxic.

I am surprised when I observe how many people do not wash their hands when appropriate to do so, especially after going to the toilet, or before preparing a meal. It is why I often prefer to cook for myself and eat at home.

Have you observed poor habits of hygiene?  How do you respond?

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