20 February 2011

A Gentle Celebration of Health

There are many reasons to appreciate health when we have it.  There are also many reasons why we should protect and/or improve our health, and try to gain a better understanding of it.

Do you know how advanced your health literacy might be?

Wikipedia - Health literacy

World Health Organisation - Health literacy and health behaviour

The health of people has much to do with the health policies of the governments under which they live and work.  It relates partly to the educational tasks of health promotion, but also to the willingness of individuals to choose healthy ways of life.

Wikipedia - Health policy

Australian Institute for Health Policy Studies

Australian Policy Online - Health policy in Australia

Health Informatics Society of Australia - Australian health policy news

Menzies Centre for Health Policy

Wikipedia - Health promotion

Australian Health Promotion Association

World Health Organisation - Health promotion

Australian Government - Health promotion initiatives

There are many organisations involved in the areas of health promotion, health policy and health literacy.  You may be involved in one or more of them.  Why, then, do so many people live in ways that are detrimental to their health?

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