20 February 2011

A Gentle Celebration of Health

There are many reasons to appreciate health when we have it.  There are also many reasons why we should protect and/or improve our health, and try to gain a better understanding of it.

17 February 2011

Mealtime Meditations

Have you ever thought of mealtimes as a good time for meditation?  Perhaps sitting at a table in a busy, noisy, crowded canteen or queuing at a fast food counter in a brief lunch break does not sound all that relaxing.  Chopping half a dozen onions to make a large pot of soup may not be the most meditative of times in your view, either.

07 February 2011

Simple Sanitation

For those of us who know something about the importance of sanitation, it can often come as a surprise that many people in the world, in the present as well as the past, have had very little awareness of its impact on human health.