15 January 2011

Lovely Things to Say

I enjoy receiving comments about my blogs, especially reflective ones.  I mostly only publish the reflective comments rather than those that commonly just say things like "great post", "interesting" or "thank you".  Even so, it is always nice to know people are reading my words from time to time.

The reason I avoid publishing very brief comments like the ones mentioned above is that they do not indicate that the person has actually read and reflected on the ideas I have expressed.  The comments may even be spam messages - ie. someone is trying to encourage others to visit their own blogs, revealing no verifiable, authentic interaction with my writings.

Have you ever received a comment on your blog, or even an email message, only saying something like "You may like to visit my blog".  What are your impressions of the person?

Have you received comments from representatives of organisations praising your blog, perhaps in the hope that you will assist (for free) in the promotion of their work?

I have also received email messages to "Via" in the form of very polite business proposals that appear to be from several Chinese chemical companies.  I do not know why anyone would think I have anything to do with the chemical industry!

Fortunately, I have never received a rude comment about any of my blogs, or any negative ones at all.  If you have any lovely things to say about any of my blogs, you are welcome to say so, of course, but it would also be nice to know why you think as you do.  Are you feeling in a reflective mood today?

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