27 October 2010

Comfortable Shoes and Clothing

Are you someone who follows fashion even if you find it uncomfortable? I like soft fabrics with loosely elasticated waistbands, footwear with flexible soles, nothing tight, nothing itchy. I like clothes that are easy to wash and do not need ironing. I also like simple, elegant styles, as long as they are not too expensive.

Even though I am not a follower of either fads or fashions, my appearance has never caused people to laugh at me or shun me, as far as I am aware. I would probably cause laughter or require the emergency use of an ambulance if I tried walking in high heeled shoes.

My doctor might refer me to a psychiatrist if I started wearing a corset and bustle in the style of the 1880s. And my husband might make some uncharacteristic comments if I changed my hairstyle and its colour on a weekly basis.

I like wearing warm clothing whenever the temperature is cool. Most air conditioned buildings are far too cold for me, especially on very hot days, so I choose my own way of dressing. It is far better to be comfortable than miserable!

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