01 August 2010

A Taste of Good Living

Whenever I think of luxury, I often associate it with wastefulness and extravagance. I prefer to use the word quality for material items of high value, and for aesthetic experiences worth cherishing. This means that the good life can be enjoyed without being economically excessive, detrimental to the environment or unpleasant towards other people.

It is comforting to live without striving for social status.

I enjoy not having to worry that my place in society may one day be diminished, or that the good life will be beyond reach. Good living is a state of mind.

As I rarely watch television or look at magazines, I am not exposed to the impressions and dreams being marketed by commercial entities. My blogs have a few advertisements on them at present, but I may remove them soon. The links to them are rarely clicked so I am not making much of an income from them.

Fortunately, I do not need to derive a living from the commercial activities of others. But what about you? What does a taste of good living mean to you? And what is a good livelihood?

I have selected three articles today that may indicate the way of the future:

End of the news romantics - Andrew Marr, BBC

A new journalism on the horizon - Andrew Marr, BBC

The end of men - Hanna Rosin - The Atlantic

Although I do not believe that any analysis of a present situation can show the future with any certainty or accuracy, it is necessary to think about the meaning of good living if we are to taste it in times ahead.

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