07 August 2010

Reflections on Advertising

When you see advertisements on blogs, what are your views about them? How appropriate are the adverts in relation to the content of a blog?

How might online adverts be of use to you, even if you choose not to click any of them? Are advertisements an intrusion into your thoughts and reflections, or a source of inspiration?

These questions have appeared at the bottom of this blog for some time. Today I have placed them here, and removed all advertising from my four blogs, as I wish to reflect on the commercial aspects of sharing information.

One of my concerns is the relationship between journalism, public relations, public affairs and political lobbying. Unfair influence is undemocratic and is often an intrusion into the lives of people who just wish to be left quietly.

If you just want to enjoy a simple, ordinary existence, perhaps advertisements disturb your peace of mind from time to time.

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