03 August 2010

Australian Federal Election 2010

Politics can often get in the way of a quiet life. Sometimes, however, politics can be too quiet, and ominously so. When politics is noisy, we might switch off the hyperactive commentators and empty opinion leaders and look for important issues without them. Even so, we will still have a mass of information to sift through if we are to understand the decisions being made on our behalf in the corridors of power.

Elections are a time when we, the quiet people of the world, might have our contributions heard, even if it is just at the ballot box. There is no point in me adding to the pronouncements of others about policy issues. Political parties offer us very little in the way of real choice when they clump all policies together and we are expected to offer our approval of the whole bundle.

As a mainly private person, my political views will probably be ignored.

Even many aspects of my blogs appear to be ignored, perhaps because I usually express my interest in facts rather than opinionated controversies. My blogs are all about reality, my reality. This means that I do not focus on narrowly defined hobbies, diversionary topics, fantasies, or distracting entertainments.

As I write each of my blog posts, I hope that I may be contributing something worthwhile to the lives of people who may read them. With the Australian federal election to be held this month, I thought that today I would just offer some links to a few of my previous blog posts. I hope you may find them useful.

Here are some from my travel blog:

When I look at the political world, I often feel a sense of despair.

One of the reasons to travel is to overcome feelings of parochialism and provincialism.

One of the most thoughtful reasons to travel is to find a deeper meaning to life.

Here are some from my identity blog:

What does the word "culture" mean to you?

How do you know when someone is who they say they are?

The topic of social class is often a divisive one, in more ways than one.

The blog posts I have chosen to link here all relate to important policy issues, many of which are unlikely to receive much consideration by politicians or the media during the Australian election campaign. But why should I be concerned about politics? Maybe it is because I need a gallbladder operation and I am on a public hospital waiting list. That will not make the news headlines, will it?

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