20 July 2010

A Healthy Way To Live

Last year, I wrote a blog post on the topic of smells and emotions. Today, I have been reading a couple of news stories about the health hazards of scented products:

Not so sweet: chemicals in fragrances

Cancer concerns for house-proud women

I like my body and home to smell clean and natural. This often means that there is no noticeable smell at all for much of the time. There is enough pollution in the outside air in many parts of the world and it is quite difficult for many people to be aware of pollutants they can avoid and control.

But what about social pollutants? Do you have a habit of picking up other people's bad habits, perhaps unconsciously? Do you absorb and express the emotions of others without understanding which emotions are the way you truly feel?

I like to be aware of the language I use and the emotions I use. A while ago, I wrote a blog post on language and peace. If you are a person who understands the same language as me, in mostly the same way, then how do you try to understand the use of English by someone who struggles to understand and be understood?

Here is an interesting and important article from Science Daily about language difficulties

The inability to express ourselves is an important health issue. Perhaps social problems such as dysfunctional relationships and codependent relationships can be resolved more easily when we understand how and why people use language as they do.

Is there a connection between health, motives, morality, language and peace? I cannot answer that question. I wish I could, but for now I will make do with enjoying a healthy home environment, a reasonably healthy way of life, and relatively healthy relationships.

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