21 June 2010


Do you have the ability to bounce back from adversity with resilience and determination? How do you set social boundaries so that you have the capacity to recover from trauma?

Although I am a very sensitive person, I am also a resilient one. People like me are often known as "survivors". We are probably not amongst the risk takers and thrill seekers. We may sometimes even be considered as rather boring, although we are also, comparatively, high achievers.

A Wikipedia article about psychological resilience

Resilience is, perhaps, the opposite of vulnerability. I am not the sort of person who is usually gullible or easily manipulated. Although I am not aggressive, I assert my rights and expect to have my needs respected. I also respect the needs of others.

In setting my own social boundaries, I always try to avoid associating with people who use psychological manipulation. Such manipulation is always a form of abuse. I am especially aware of verbal abuse and refuse to co-operate with those who use it - or any other form of abuse.

Perhaps I am fortunate. I have been able to build up my resilience in various ways, some of which are outlined in my blogs. Even the title of this blog will give you a basic indication of my approach.

I wish you a resilient future.

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