07 June 2010


How do you know that you know what you know?

I wonder if you have any favourite questions. One of my favourites is the one above. Just looking up the word "knowledge" on Google can be quite a challenging experience. Which link to click? Which information to believe?

Much of my time online is spent searching for knowledge. You may have discovered that I like to share some of that knowledge with the people who choose to read my blogs.

You may already know quite a lot about the topics I am still only just starting to grasp, which is why I usually place links to sources rather than give detailed explanations and interpretations of my own.

Knowledge - Wikipedia

e-learning - The Knowledge Tree

Reporting online - Reuters

Sometimes, though, my mind has had enough new knowledge and it needs to take a break and reflect upon what it has been learning. This allows my brain to link the new information with earlier memories, especially during sleep.

I often find that I do not want to learn anything new for at least an hour after eating. I just want to rest then with my thoughts and then do some physical work a little while later, before resuming my pursuit of knowledge.

The Internet is changing the way we learn about the world, and each other. But can it help you to know yourself better?

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