28 June 2010

Harmony, Love and Learning

In each of my blogs, you may encounter the angel one. Who or what is it? Am I some sort of deluded being?

Well, don't worry. The angel one is just an ordinary person who happens to be (at least to me) the most interesting, enigmatic, eccentric, environmentally aware, technically clever, practical, conscientious, tolerant and lovable person I have ever known. He encourages me to think more deeply. We have been married for over twenty years.

A peaceful, successful life embraces harmony, love and learning. Neither the angel one nor I are religious people. We have observed the history of religion and found religious beliefs to be among the principle causes of disharmony between people. Yet there is some wisdom within particular aspects of religious beliefs, the parts I connect with the spiritual needs of people.

Spirituality and morality are entwined. Spirituality and our relationship with the universe are entwined. Spirituality and the future of humanity are entwined.

My blogger name is Via, whether you pronounce it to rhyme with fear or fire. Fear and fire can have negative connotations. Via is a pathway to the positive in life. In Latin, via means street or way or path.

The initials of The Angel One spell the word TAO. In Chinese tradition, Tao means way or path. It is the path of harmony, love and learning. Do you embrace the Tao?

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