09 June 2010

Enjoying Objectivity

I often wonder if people are more likely to live in peace when they have similar beliefs about reality, or whether large differences in beliefs may be more conducive to social stability. History has shown that conflict is most likely between people who have just a few disagreements than between those with vast differences in views about the world and life in general. This is especially the case when religion and/or politics are involved.

In my public work and public life, I try to make it clear that I attempt to look at issues objectively, taking my reasoning beyond religious or political beliefs. Being "Via" has helped me to have a public outlet for my subjective views, however. My values are very important to me though for much of the time, when interacting with people on a daily basis, I have to keep my personal opinions to myself and this is sometimes very difficult!

It is important that I keep my subjective impressions and my objective conclusions quite separate whenever something important needs to be done. Good decisions should always be based on objectivity:

Objectivity in science

Objectivity in philosophy

Objectivity in historical research

Objectivity in journalism

I enjoy objectivity because it is the basis of reasonableness. It requires evidence and logic. It requires consistency. It makes possible the formation of agreement between reasonable and knowledgeable people. I am lucky that my values include the attempt to be reasonable.

If you click the above four links, however, you will find much disagreement about the meaning of objectivity!

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