03 May 2010

My No Fly Zone

Nature can often be a source of wonder and enjoyment but some aspects of it can be very irritating at times. This blog post is not about volcanoes, airports and crowds of stranded travellers. It is about buzzing insects, some of which are known as flies.

As an advocate of organic growing and organic living, I avoid damaging the environment whenever possible. This includes the environment of my home and garden. In view of this, my environmentally-friendly no fly zone is the internal space of my home.


There is very little I can do about the helicopters and small aircraft flying over where I live, sometimes not very far above me. Higher up in the atmosphere, a very long way above my garden, is one of the long distance flight paths across the continent.

Birds may fly over rainbows in fantasy musicals but they also bump their beaks on my windows from time to time during their more exuberant swoopings.

Having stayed in old cottages on farms in various parts of Australia, I am glad I have fly screens on my security doors and on the windows. I am also glad that I do not have an open fireplace. Cottages and open fireplaces may look romantic, but the buzz of blowflies in every room is not my idea of a relaxing retreat. Fly screens may not look particularly picturesque but they keep out many unwelcome creatures.


Even more annoying than your common or garden fly is the person-eating variety, especially mosquitoes. One of the main reasons why I now avoid spending much time between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn is that anti-malaria medications and my liver have not been the best of friends. Fortunately, I have never contracted malaria though covering myself in insect repellent is also something I wish to avoid.

Over the years, mosquitoes have bitten me numerous times. The bites are usually very itchy for at least the next couple of days, especially in the evenings. Even worse is the sound of one of the creatures buzzing around my bedroom when I am feeling exhausted. I have a mosquito net though I tend to become tangled in it when I try to get up to go to the toilet.


Killing creatures is usually against my conscience, though flies and mosquitos in the house are an exception. Using a fly swat is probably the only form of sport I will ever enjoy.

I am glad my no fly zone is also a no spray zone. My house is not a place for poisons of any kind. I also like to keep all the windows and doors open as much as possible during the daytime and can do this with my fly screens because they can all be locked, too.

Can you hear buzzing?

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