27 May 2010

Just Being

Are some people afraid just to be?

Is it far too difficult to turn off the telephone, the television, the radio, the computer, and the other engines and machines that fill modern lives?

 Do you enjoy being still and alone, even for a few moments, and use that time just to be?

Here are a few things to ponder over:

What is the difference between being lonely and a loner?
BBC News

Greta Garbo, Grand Hotel, "I want to be alone"
You Tube

"A Room of One's Own", an essay by Virginia Woolf

I am one of those fortunate people who is able to enjoy having a house to herself during the daytime on weekdays in which to enjoy some solitude and write. For the rest of the time, I am happy that I am not alone.

To write, to be creative (especially in a non-material way), requires time for reflection and its expression. I find this easier when I am alone. Do you?

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