12 April 2010

A Highly Sensitive Person

One of the reasons why quieter living is important to me is that I am a highly sensitive person. I am easily overwhelmed and distressed by too many stimuli in my environment. Are you?

The highly sensitive person

Having plenty of time for peaceful, private reflection is important to me too. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I need to have some space in my life afterwards so that I can write about the experiences, my thoughts and observations.

There is something soothing about knowing there is nothing wrong with being sensitive. It is wonderful to be able to experience life in depth, taking notice of amazing things that others may have missed, and recording it for posterity.

I love the arts, but being an audience member can often be too overwhelming for me to enjoy being there. Now I find that I am becoming a sort of artist myself, turning my interest in history into a (hopefully unique) art form.


  1. There is no point what so ever to argue with you when the matter of life is concerned. I'm glad that you prefer quieter living too and are not shy of accepting it. Most of us are the same and need a rather quieter environment to unwind ourselves but it is neglected by the majority. That is really sad. Cheers to you and your beautiful writing.
    Love- Nishant.

  2. Hello Nishant - thank you for the comments and compliments!

    According to the psychological research from the United States (linked in the blog post), 15-20% of people are sensitive - meaning that we are neither common or rare.

    Perhaps the people of India are more sensitive than Americans. I don't know if there has been any comparative research on the topic.

    (If anyone knows about cross cultural investigations about innate sensitivity, I'd really like to hear from them)

    Best wishes from Via