21 January 2010


As you sit there reading this blog, how many blessings can you count in your life? Does your life have meaning? Does your life have purpose? Is your life filled with love and peace and the promise of a wonderful future?

If I said that a natural disaster would befall you within the next 30 minutes, would the state of your mind change between now and then? If I said that you would survive the natural disaster with just a few slight injuries but would then experience a heart attack within 48 hours, would you be afraid?

Are you the sort of person to read horoscopes? Have you ever had a tarot reading? Would you like to be able to see into my crystal ball? Do you believe prophecies because they are written in a religious book? Have you ever tried to decipher the predictions of Nostradamus?

Please relax, dear reader. Although I do have a crystal ball, it is not a visible one. It is within my mind and consists of four facts:

1. You will one day die.

2. Everyone you have ever loved will die too.

3. Natural disasters are inevitable.

4. Only human negligence and human ignorance can be overcome.

The title of this blog post is "Goodness". It is a word associated with the 4th fact. Nature is neither good nor evil. The first three facts are related to nature.

Humans often neglect goodness. Humans are often ignorant of goodness. All I can do is to show the way to a good society (see my previous post).

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