21 October 2009

Sustainable and Affluent Living

The Australian Federal Government has given my local council some money, which it has been spending cutting up concrete outside my house at 7 o'clock in the morning. The reason is to prevent my house from being deluged in future downpours.

I like having a reasonably dry place to live, but it is rather poor timing considering I have been trying to recover from jetlag. But my local council would not have known that. At least I have not been swamped by a tsunami or typhoon.

It is good to appreciate the infrastructure that helps to keep us safe. It is the infrastructure that helps to keep us affluent (or at least prevents most of us in industrially and democratically developed communities from becoming impoverished).

It is expensive to maintain infrastructure, and to improve it. And I am yet to fill in my tax return (due by the end of the month).


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