27 October 2009

A Blog About Peace

As I write the 50th post in this blog about enjoying peace in both the inner and outer worlds, I am feeling at peace. The neighbourhood around me has been very quiet for the last hour or so. The sun is shining. The air is still. The temperature is slightly cool, which is good as I will be having an active day today.

I will now take a break from writing this, though my other blogs will continue in the meantime. Your comments about Quieter Living are still most welcome on any of the posts here. You already know there are 50 posts so I hope you will find at least one quite interesting, and perhaps even useful.

Your public comments

If you want to comment publicly, just click the "comments" link under any of the posts. I would be delighted to receive your responses, even 50 of them!

Your private comments

If you want to comment more privately, or even ask a question or two, I will be very happy to hear from you by email. Just writetovia (it is as one word of ten letters) at gmail.com.

Your reflections

I hope you will enjoy reflecting on your own ideas about peace in the inner and outer worlds as you explore Quieter Living. In the right hand column here are several resources you may find handy. You will also see some portraits. One of the topics of interest to me is identity and how it relates to inner peace (and why confused identity is one of the main causes of conflict in the world).

My other blogs

Links to my three other blogs are in the right hand column here, too. If you have visited before, you will know that:

One blog is about reflecting on identity;

One blog is about reflecting on travel experiences, and

The other blog is about reflecting on the aspects of the past that have brought each of us (as unique individuals) to where we are now.

Although it is unlikely that any of my blogs will encourage peace in the world (especially as people of influence are probably unwilling to read them), at least the information is here for anyone who might be interested.


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