08 October 2009

The Benefits of Ear Plugs

Having recently returned from a two-month research trip to some noisy but interesting places, I have become quite competent in the use of ear plugs. I prefer the foam ones that need to be rolled thinly before use as they have helped me to sleep on numerous occasions.

If you suffer from sleeplessness, perhaps ear plugs would help. They appear to work for most noises, though bass sounds from loudspeakers are an exception.

Now I am back in the town of Dorothea and major construction work is happening near my home. I have a lot of writing to do over the coming months and so will probably need to use ear plugs at all hours of the day and night!

For anyone who is new to this blog, here are a few introductory links about noise and health:

Decibel hell: The effects of living in a noisy world

World Health Organisation: Occupational and community noise

Wikipedia: Noise health effects

Has knowledge about noise inspired you to seek a quieter life or just reach for the ear plugs?


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