06 July 2009

Staying Centred

Have you ever tried yogic breathing? It is one of the ways in which I attempt to stay centred. What does staying centred mean to you? Is it the same as feeling grounded?

Yogic breathing

Ways to feel grounded

Special pieces of music can also help us to feel grounded. I especially like An Die Muzik by Franz Schubert. Here are a couple of links about the piece:

Lyrics - To music

Hear a very special recording

You may have noticed that I have been writing blog posts quite a lot in recent days. Now I'll have a break from this one for a while, though please leave a few comments if you find my writings interesting, or if you have any questions to ask or ideas to add.

I've put links to my four blogs from my profile page to assist your explorations of my ideas about travel, identity and history. Planning for my quest will be a priority over the next two weeks.


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