19 July 2009

A Comfortable Search for Peace

Hello to everyone who has been exploring my blogs over the past few months. In your explorations here, you will probably have gathered that I like variety from time to time, avoiding being stuck in a rut or caught up in the rat race. And I like new challenges as long as they also give me time to enjoy quietness.

The above picture was taken in 1987 while I was trying to put up an old canvas tent under a snow covered volcano somewhere in Bolivia, not far from its border with Chile. It was certainly a quiet place, but very cold too! Now I prefer more comfort in my quest for peace.

My current quest is the main reason for starting four blogs earlier this year.

Are you already aware of my quest? This quest is a peace quest (supported by this Quieter Living blog), a community quest (supported by my Ancestors Within blog), a healthy living quest (supported by my By Any Other Name blog), and a practical, creative and educational quest (supported by my Continual Journeys blog). Do you have a quest?

Emotional engagement is often the key to reaching the hearts and minds of others. My blogs have so far attempted mainly to reach minds rather than to stimulate emotions. Yet is it truly possible to reach minds other than through emotions?

I have also introduced various aspects of my experiences through my four blogs and you may recall that I have worked on farms, in a restaurant and a cinema, as a travel consultant and as a sustainable lifestyle educator. My photographs might also indicate that I have travelled widely, too.

Being at peace with the distant past

We humans have lived in many different ways over the last few thousands of years. Being in the presence of the productivity of our ancestors, and other humans from long ago, can make us think about how they may have thought, felt and wondered about the world around them. What are your thoughts on this topic?

Are you at peace with the distant past? The next picture is of somewhere that may stimulate your reflections, but when I was there in 1988, it was so windy that I could hardly stand up. To my surprise, a fellow traveller managed to take this picture of me without crowds of tourists in the way:

Crowds (and places like Stonehenge) can teach us that we are each very small in the bigger perspective of life and the universe. How do experiences of feeling small make you respond to the world around you?

Many people attempt to overcome their feelings of insignificance by attempting to reach a large audience through various means of communication, for a wide range of purposes. Quite a few have done so mainly in the hope of financial reward, rather than a desire to seek and express truth.

A quiet search for valuable truths

In the digital world of today, financial reward can be difficult to find, especially for the millions of us who are online writers. Yet truth, like peace, is of timeless value and the search for it can be intrinsically rewarding.

Do you know people who publish blogs, develop websites, work on manuscripts for possible books, write film scripts, make telephone calls to radio talkback shows, and/or participate in "reality" television shows?

What do you do to reach an audience, however large or small, and why? Alternatively, do you usually prefer keeping silent?

Discover more about the intrinsic rewards you value

Through the insights I gained in London while working in the commissioning and production of television programmes, and in the editorial department of a large publishing company, I became well aware of the huge number of unsolicited manuscripts and proposals that are received by publishers and broadcasters.

Now that there are millions of online resources competing for people's attention, too, how do we distinguish between the truly worthwhile and the mere chatter?

Who really has something important to say, and who should listen?

Through my media and publishing experiences, I have become very conscious of the frustrations experienced by the thousands, or even millions, of people who wish that someone would immediately appreciate their ideas.

This especially applies in relation to political and philosophical issues. Priorities differ and time often seems to move too slowly, especially for those seeking redress for perceived injustices. How can peace be found in such situations?

For many people, anger at injustices in the world can often mean peace of mind is elusive, except through various escapist pursuits. My quest is about practical, authentic ways to regain and maintain peace of mind. Factual evidence is something we all need to respect, yet so is appreciation of imagination and beauty.

Although I am mainly a social entrepreneur now (though I do a lot of other things as well that I hope are socially beneficial), my previous work not only included involvement in the production and administration of television current affairs and documentary programmes, I also assisted with theatre presentations of rescued classic silent films. Many of the films had newly commissioned musical scores composed for their renewed presentation and those scores were performed live by a symphony orchestra.

Do the arts help you to find inner peace?

I have also made the effort to learn about other cultures, as the above photograph of a Barong dancer in Bali in 1990 might suggest. (You can learn more about my travels though Continual Journeys).

Supporting natural balance and cultural peace

My husband (the angel one) and I have also provided donations of time and money towards a variety of nature conservation and cultural heritage organisations. Now we are planning to develop our own projects further, mainly in Australia, and my quest will primarily be incorporated into these. Social entrepreneurship will be a key factor as I am mainly interested in sustaining good outcomes - and know that this does not necessarily mean sustaining organisations themselves.

An invitation

If you are interested in peace, healthy living, good design, cultural quality, good reasoning, creative thinking, lifelong education, historical awareness, global awareness, organic gardening, delicious fresh food, earth-friendly housing, renewable energies, respect for the planet, happy communities, and respect for the future, then you might like to become involved in something peacefully beautiful. If so, please let me know - and feel free to pass on the invitation to others too.

What is your vision for the future - and does it include a comfortable search for peace, socially and individually?


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