01 July 2009

The Full Cart is Usually Quieter

In Australia last night, there was a lottery draw for a $90 million top prize. I did not have a ticket. Why would anyone want $90 million for their personal use? Is it just being greedy?

As I want a quieter life, a large amount of extra money would make my days more complicated and less relaxing. Although I could use $90 million to fund my quest (see my travel blog over the coming weeks), planning and preparation are paramount at present.

According to the news bulletins this morning, the total lottery winnings went up to $106 million because at least half of Australia's total population bought tickets. Two people have each won over $53 million each. The odds of winning the jackpot were 45 million to one.

True wealth and peace

A quiet life can be an indication of a full mind, yet how do you tell the difference between the brilliant and the bland? Are some quiet people just dull and uninspiring? Are dull people frequently among the noisiest?

Is it any easier to tell the difference between the brilliant and the brutal? Even brutal people can be quiet about their brutality, as can their terrified victims.

Status and peace

I have recently written in my identity blog about various aspects of status. Do people want large amounts of money so that they can enhance their social status? Do some individuals behave brutally because they erroneously believe it will give them a higher perceived status? Is a craving for high status often matched by a desire to dominate?

If you are like a full cart, quietly going about your business without the motivation to be extraordinarily rich or domineering or brutal, then welcome to my blogs. If you are quite rich, you are welcome here too, especially if you would like to help me fund my quest.

Whoever you are, and whatever your wealth, it does not really matter if other people find you bland or brilliant, or something in between. There are many ways to stand out from, or merge into, the crowd without being loud and/or unpleasant.

Quiet effort

A quiet life does not usually cost much money but it can take some effort. There will be no financial bonuses for brilliance here. Financial bonuses usual encourage greed and mediocrity. Greed can often leads to brutality and dominance and noise. Have you ever witnessed greed in your workplace?

Who do you know who is brilliant? Do they make a noise about it?

A deeper understanding is the bonus I aim to provide through my blogs. In my own quiet way, I aim to help true talents shine, discovering hidden brilliance. I also aim to show that a full, happy, fruitful life can be also be a quiet and comfortable one. I hope you will enjoy being here.


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