19 July 2009

A Comfortable Search for Peace

Hello to everyone who has been exploring my blogs over the past few months. In your explorations here, you will probably have gathered that I like variety from time to time, avoiding being stuck in a rut or caught up in the rat race. And I like new challenges as long as they also give me time to enjoy quietness.

18 July 2009

In Search of a Quiet Garden

Here is a scene from Monet's garden in Giverny, France. I took the picture during my May visit in the year 2000. When looking at a Monet painting, it is easy to think of the scene as being tranquil, but the reality for the modern tourist is that Monet's garden is often a very noisy and crowded place, especially as there is a busy road going between the two sections.

06 July 2009

Staying Centred

Have you ever tried yogic breathing? It is one of the ways in which I attempt to stay centred. What does staying centred mean to you? Is it the same as feeling grounded?

05 July 2009

Freedom Without Force

The Statue of Liberty looked so small from where I took this photograph, on a calm, peaceful, beautiful Sunday evening in New York in 1994.

A bombing in the basement of the building next door to where I was standing had happened eighteen months earlier, but that had not deterred me from taking in the view.

03 July 2009

Foresee with Four Cs

Foresight is a wonderful gift. Do you possess it?

01 July 2009

The Full Cart is Usually Quieter

In Australia last night, there was a lottery draw for a $90 million top prize. I did not have a ticket. Why would anyone want $90 million for their personal use? Is it just being greedy?