05 June 2009

Reflection, Serenity and Illumination

I probably need to spend some time reflecting on the content of my own blogs and perhaps trying to improve them (I think I have already mentioned that I am not particularly good at editing, spelling and proof reading).

I will also go through each of my links, to check that they are all working correctly. That may take a while! If you find a link that is not working here, please let me know.


Unfortunately, I have perfectionist tendencies and these do not help in my quest for serenity. Whatever you may be able to do to illuminate my thoughts or provide more peace in my mind, your comments would be most welcome.

Life is still very busy for me. I have several research and writing projects on the go, but I also have ideas for a few more reflective blog posts. Some of these will follow soon.

Trying to be helpful

Today, I have a few comments for the people who have been emailing me with requests for assistance in their social entrepreneurship pursuits. My four blogs have quite a lot of links that should prove helpful to you. I hope you will spend some time exploring those links and defining your goals.

In your work, it might be best to start small, keep out of debt, and understand the needs you are attempting to alleviate. Are you sure of what you hope to achieve, and why?

For those of you looking for ways to gain a better understanding of the workings of the news media, you might find it useful to take another look at the sources of news you usually seek out. Compare some news stories with several other sources of information, especially on the topics that have motivated you to want to learn more.

It is important to identify and distinguish between facts, opinions, universal issues, local issues, values, emotions, political challenges, and what you believe you can do to change the world for the better.

Wishing you many enjoyable reflections, serenity and illumination, Via.


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