24 June 2009

The Joy of Eureka Moments

In any creative endeavour, whether scientific, artistic or social, eureka moments can often be blissful treats.

I especially say aha! when I have been enjoying some quiet time, beautiful scenery, or just getting on with the everyday chores that often pile up if I have focussed too much on just one task.

Eureka is a word often associated with Archimedes, one of the greatest inventors of all time. We can learn quite a lot about the world by learning about the life of Archimedes, and others who have had useful eureka moments.


Isaac Newton

Albert Einstein

The picture of me at the top of this blog post was taken by the angel one in Bali in 1990. We had found a quiet art gallery with a beautiful garden and the fragrance of frangipani trees was filling the air.

Finding quiet places can often be difficult, as my Continual Journeys blog explores. Is it possible to find lasting peace in the outer world or only in the inner one? And what are the prerequisites for eureka moments?

One of my favourite quotes about awareness and sensitivity is by Frederick Franck, a person whose life is also worth reading about. Here is the quote:

Each deepened awareness leads to the next level of awareness. Instead of becoming blunted and cynical by existence, your sensitivity will become ever keener.

Discover more about Frederick Franck

When do you have eureka moments? Do you express them in a blog?

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