12 June 2009

Darkness and Light

In the most simple of terms, the way people think, at any particular time, can be categorised in one of four ways.

Our minds can be filled with either:

(a) darkness and confusion

(b) darkness and clarity

(c) lightness and confusion

(d) lightness and clarity

I prefer to cultivate (d) in my own mind. What about you?

To provide more clarity on this page, and lighten and unclutter your screen, I have taken some of the links out of the right-hand column and put them into this blog post instead:

Why live more quietly?

Read what the World Health Organisation says

Sound out the experts

Environmental Health

Australian Acoustical Society

2006 BBC Reith Lecturer Daniel Barenboim

No place like home?

Internally displaced people

More about displaced people

Homelessness in Australia

The UK housing crisis

A global issue

Explore the connections between peace and health

Promoting health - WHO


Health insights

Health through Yahoo too

War as a public health problem


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