16 June 2009

A Clear Conscience

Lightness and clarity can be very enjoyable experiences. In my own mind, they are associated with relaxation rather than excitement. A clear conscience means having done my best, by the end of each day, to help create a better world and not dwelling on the what is beyond my control.

In a world where many people think enjoyment is about being excited, the consequence for others is often turmoil. Much that is categorised as entertainment excites emotions instead of creating understanding. Does excitement create a better world?

Lightness can sometimes be perceived as a hard, cold brightness rather than a soft, warm, soothing glow. Clarity may sometimes be delusional. A clear conscience may sometimes be a failure to take responsibility for one's own actions.

What does quieter living mean to you? How do you find peace in both the inner and outer world? What does enjoying peace really mean?


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