24 June 2009

The Joy of Eureka Moments

In any creative endeavour, whether scientific, artistic or social, eureka moments can often be blissful treats.

I especially say aha! when I have been enjoying some quiet time, beautiful scenery, or just getting on with the everyday chores that often pile up if I have focussed too much on just one task.

16 June 2009

A Clear Conscience

Lightness and clarity can be very enjoyable experiences. In my own mind, they are associated with relaxation rather than excitement. A clear conscience means having done my best, by the end of each day, to help create a better world and not dwelling on the what is beyond my control.

12 June 2009

Darkness and Light

In the most simple of terms, the way people think, at any particular time, can be categorised in one of four ways.

Our minds can be filled with either:

(a) darkness and confusion

(b) darkness and clarity

(c) lightness and confusion

(d) lightness and clarity

I prefer to cultivate (d) in my own mind. What about you?

11 June 2009


I was not sure whether to put this in my Continual Journeys blog or to place it here, but after seeing a deeply moving YouTube video with Auf dem Gebirge hat man ein Geschrei gehöret by Heinrich Schütz, it seems more appropriate to the topic of peace than to journeys.

09 June 2009

Peace and Privacy

Why would anyone want to be famous? Is it a desire for cultural immortality? Is it about overcoming the fear of being thought of as insignificant?

Perhaps the famous Scottish opera singer Mary Garden summed it up best, in a radio interview in her later years, in the 1940s.

06 June 2009

The Truth of Beautiful Simplicity

In the complexity and challenges of living and thinking in today's world, sometimes beauty, truth and simplicity can be elusive.

Do you seek out beautiful simplicity? Does it help you to find truth? Do you share the experience with others?

05 June 2009

Reflection, Serenity and Illumination

I probably need to spend some time reflecting on the content of my own blogs and perhaps trying to improve them (I think I have already mentioned that I am not particularly good at editing, spelling and proof reading).

I will also go through each of my links, to check that they are all working correctly. That may take a while! If you find a link that is not working here, please let me know.