08 May 2009

Living Quietly, Deeply, Simply


The art of being a social entrepreneur is to achieve as much as possible, for people and the planet, for as little cost to yourself, others and the environment. There is no need for expensive advertising campaigns, complicated bureaucratic structures or manipulative marketing strategies. All that is required these days is the ability to lead by example, communicate courteously through the Internet, and have something important to say.

I like living quietly, living deeply, and living simply. At the same time, I enjoy learning about human social and cultural life, and the past, present and possible future of our species. My way of life gives me the time to learn, and to communicate my discoveries.

My main goal is to inspire people to be more considerate towards one another, and themselves. That is a very simple goal to state but one that I have no power over in practice. The power I have today is to type a few words into a computer and put them on an Internet server for others to discover.

My blogs provide a few insights into my life as a social entrepreneur: listening, observing, researching and creating. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

What do you think it means to be a good social entrepreneur?


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