15 May 2009

The Basics and Brilliant Chips

A familiar tune by George Gershwin with new lyrics by Via:

Summertime... and on credit it's easy.
Wish for something,
And your debt goes sky high.

(With apologies to everyone who loves Porgy and Bess)

Good food, clean water, fresh air, great ideas and wonderful company. Could any of these put anyone into debt and despair?

It is possible to live inexpensively and still live well. All it takes is a repertoire of skills and plenty of creativity and ingenuity. If you are a take-away sort of person, you may like to take my recipe for brilliant chips (French fries to most North Americans. Belgian fries to pedantic purists):

1. Pick or buy one large unwashed organic potato

2. Scrub the potato in some water
(the water can subsequently be used to give some plants a drink)

3. Place the clean unpeeled potato into a microwave and zap on high for six minutes
(you can prepare something to go with your potato while it's cooking)

4. Leave the potato in the microwave to sit for another couple of minutes before removing
(the steam would burn your fingers otherwise)

5. Slice the potato into wedges. No need to remove skin.
(Wedges are much easier to handle than thin chips and are tastier too.)

6. Put about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil into a non-stick pan. Heat reasonably well.

7. Use tongs to put chips/wedges into pan with skins downwards to crisp them first.

8. After a minute, turn. Repeat the turning after another minute.

9. Serve on a warmed plate. Use a grill at a low temperature for this. All hot food is best served on warm plates.
If serving with a salad, put your cool ingredients on a separate place or in a dish. Use extra virgin olive oil on your salad, too - no need to heat!

10. Let me know what you think.

Note: I am aware that some people may not have access to pans, tongs, grills, hotplates, microwaves, kitchens, etc. Such people probably do not have access to food on a regular basis either.

For anyone else, extra virgin olive oil is NOT expensive. Just compare it with the cost of eating out. And if you'd like more food ideas, some of these will be found on my Continual Journeys blog in the coming months.


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